About Us

In 2002 Roger Franklin founded a private school, Cedar River Academy, to embrace an active learning education model has been education model has been exceptionally beneficial.  Students develop skills and knowledge critical to their success in their 21st century world. The effective execution of this student-centered education process is dependent on systematic teaching practice improvement. Systemization requires efficient and focused automation tools.  Cedar River Academy educators and software engineers collaborated to create a continuous school improvement automation system.  This system helps teachers and principals maximize student learning.


Continuous School Improvement Automation

At its formation, Cedar River Academy educators searched for an automated system to support their teaching processes.  Their requirements were for a fully integrated system that would enable them to define learning standards, assessment processes, and intervention strategies. They also wanted a student record keeping system that would support daily teaching activities and creation of digital student portfolios. Unable to find an integrated computer system that provided systematic learning management seCedar River Academy management then launched a project to create an integrated automation system. 

NextGen Software Services exists to make NextGen automation services available to any schools deploying project-based, constructivist learning, performances-based, and active learning education models.  This website, NextGencohort.net, is sponsored by NextGen Software Services and dedicated to the providing advanced and efficient automation services to progressive educators.