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Free NextGen for Teachers Initiative

Enumclaw, WA (November 21, 2016) — Teachers who want to track and report individual student progress toward skill mastery, but find legacy student information systems limiting or cumbersome, now have an option — NextGen Student Performance Services.  NextGen Software Services today announced its Free NextGen for Teachers Initiative. Washington State teachers may now use NextGen’s Student Performance Services without subscription or startup fees.

Student Performance Services provides information to teachers as they:

  • Define and align individual learning standards with curriculum, assessments, and intervention strategies,
  • Define and deliver individualized instruction or relevant subject matter,
  • Assess student formative progress toward subject matter understanding, and assess student understanding at the end of a term or academic year,
  • Execute intervention strategies, review student responses to interventions, and record intervention actions and results,
  • Review and analyze data and information related to a student’s progress, and understand what actions, if any, need to be taken to improve the student’s subject matter knowledge and, then, communicate individual student and group progress to peer teachers, the principal, the student and the student’s parents, and
  • Perform requisite administrative duties including attendance recording, daily checkout, comprehensive report card preparation, and parent communication.

Teachers who want to begin using NextGen teaching tools need only to provide basic information about their school and her/his classroom.  NextGen Software Services professionals will then establish a private Internet service for the requesting teacher.   Teachers who want more information about this initiative should contact NextGen Software Services.

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School administrators may elect to deploy NextGen in their school or district.  In this event, a subscription to use the complete set of NextGen services is available for $15 per student per year and $40 per teacher per year.

NextGen 6.0 Deployment Program Announced

Enumclaw, WA (September 20, 2016) — NextGen Software Services today announced its NextGen 6.0 deployment program.  Schools that are not currently using NextGen may deploy NextGen version 6.0 for free, including on-boarding services, until August 31, 2017.  Beginning September 1, 2017 the monthly NestGen service subscription fee will be $1.25 per student and $4.25 per teacher.  Contact  NextGen Software Services for more information regarding this program.

NextGen 6.0 Announced 

Enumclaw, WA (June 6, 2016) — NextGen Software Services today announced version 6.o of its integrated student-centered automation services.  One major new feature in NextGen 6.0 is the Professional Development Service for school principals to support teacher, specialists, para-educators, and other staff personnel’s practice and performance development.  This new service will automate teacher and staff member observation and evaluation processes in alignment with the school’s practice standards and expectations.  Additionally, the Professional Development Service presents observation and self assessment data and information to help principals guide professional development and practice improvement plans while allowing teachers and other staff members to establish and expand digital practice portfolios. This NextGen version includes user interface enhancements, report extensions, and security enhancements.

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First defined and developed by educators and computer professionals to in 2004 to specifically support teachers in student-centered learning environments, NextGen is now a fully integrated set of Internet-based software services providing data and information to educators, empowering continuous school improvement processes and operational systems.  NextGen improves educator productivity while they support individual student, teacher and staff, and principal performance and progress towards goals.  NextGen’s Student Performance Services include:

  • Student Performance Services used by teachers and staff members, principals, students, and parents as they work toward individual student performance improvements. NextGen Student Performance functions include:

  • Learning Management Services

  • Student Information Services

  • Grade Book

  • Attendance and Check-out

  • Student Intervention

  • Incident Reporting

  • Report Card Production

  • Portfolio Production

  • Response to Intervention

  • Student Activity Tracking

NextGen’s Professional Development Services are used by principals, teachers and staff members as they collaboratively assess teaching and staff performance and proactively identify professional development programs.  Professional Development functions include:

  • Teacher and Staff Information Services

  • Attendance and Check-out

  • Incident Reporting

  • Teacher and Staff Observation and Evaluation 

  • Teacher and Staff Self-assessment Services

  • Practice Report Production

  • Portfolio Production

  • Response to Intervention

  • Teacher and Staff Activity Tracking

  • Professional Development Activity Tracking

  • Practice Portfolio Production

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One Student at  Time Automation Cohort Formed

Enumclaw, WA (October 5, 2015) — NextGen Software today announced its sponsorship of a Cohort of teachers and principals interested in individualized and performance-based education.  Cohort participants are expected to represent schools deploying Big Picture Learning and other performance-based individualized education models.  Cohort participants will contribute to the definition and evolution of NextGen Software’s automation services.

The base-line reference services named NextGen have been in use since 2004, undergoing multiple evolutionary revisions each year.  This base-line NextGen service set includes Student Performance Services and Professional Development Services.

Public, charter, and private school teachers and principals may join the cohort, communicate, submit service revision ideas, ask questions, obtain support services, and share their experiences using the NextGen Cohort website facilities.